Principal's DeskEver since its inception in 1983, the Vidya Bhavan College of Commerce has striven to offer value-based quality education for the integral growth of our students.

Being small in size a feeling of family and a sense of belonging pervades the faculty and student body and creates a close-knit familial culture.   A student is not a mere number on the college register, but each one is known by name and face.  The personal attention and care to the students, imparts a strong identity and a feeling of unity which is perceived and palpated even by a casual visitor to the college.

The college management and faculty are serious about the all-round growth of the students and offer ample opportunities to build up their self confidence and self esteem and to inculcate in them a desire to contribute their mite in service to society, particularly the less privileged.  The students are encouraged to approach the faculty for any problem they may face, as counselling is offered to them for personal or academic matters.  Orientation programs are arranged to make the freshers feel at home and to integrate within the college culture and family spirit. Importance is also given to building spiritual, moral and social values as a foundation for personal integrity and commitment.

In Vidya Bhavan we live by the conviction that education is a preparation for life, not just a degree to secure a job or acquire a career. We aspire that students who leave the threshold of our college would be equipped to face the challenges of life and bring meaning to the lives of others as a consequence of it.